Our strength is that we take pleasure in our work. Every day we actively and enthusiastically search for that one property that you have a connection with. Where you feel at home. We are young and ambitious, with a fast and accurate approach, all the while understanding your needs and your personal situation

Have you found a nice property at our website? The registration fee you pay at the moment you are going to view a property in real life.

Registration fee
The single registration and group registration give you the right to visit with us for 3 months. You can visit as many properties as you like.

Single registration: € 38,- per person (valid for 3 months)

Administration costs
Has the landlord, based on your personal file decided to enter into a rental agreement with you? Then we will create the lease contract. The administration fee you pay to us is €250,00 + 21% VAT. Our work method explains which services we provide in exchange for this fee.
If you do not meet our income requirement, it is possible to allow someone to guarantee you. Costs of guarantee are €49.50 + 21% VAT.
Above costs you have to pay within 48 hours. In consultation with us, this period can be extended

Deposit and 1st month rent
Before the lease starts, you pay the landlord a deposit and the first month’s rent. The deposit often equals one month’s rent. We will always inform you about the exact costs.
The rental price is usually all-inclusive:
Service fees
Gas, water and electricity
TV and Internet
Municipal costs and taxes
This information you can find in the description of the property.

For apartments and family houses the rental price is mostly exclusive.

Are the deposit and first month’s rent been paid? Then the key is yours! Remember to take a home- and liability insurance. As a tenant, you are required to do so by law.

Do you have questions about the costs?
Please call 076-572 90 74 or email

Viewing rental property

  • Unlimited viewings for € 38,- per quarter
  • Daily viewing of your favorite homes
  • Directly register (online) One or more viewings
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