Our strength is that we take pleasure in our work. Every day we actively and enthusiastically search for that one property that you have a connection with. Where you feel at home. We are young and ambitious, with a fast and accurate approach, all the while understanding your needs and your personal situation

You’ve found it! Your new home. Of course you want to see the property in real life right away. So we quickly arrange a viewing. Sometimes we already have planned a viewing. You can call us to go register at telephone number; 076-5729074.

How does a property viewing work?

A beautiful property catches your eye. Everything seems to be perfect.
You see the pictures, location, rental price, and you read the detailed description of the property. For the viewing of rental properties, you will need to sign up with us. You pay the registration fee when we have made the appointment.

You sign up by phone for a viewing of the house(s).
You can sign up until the time of viewing. Act quickly, because we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. At one point the visit is fully booked. Via e-mail you will receive a confirmation of the viewing at the day the viewing is planned.

During the visit:
During the visit you have the possibility to ask all your questions. We try to inform you as good as we can about the property and everything that comes with it.
We meet eachother at the property. When you can’t make it to the viewing please call us at telephone number: 076-5729074

Found a nice rental property?
Are you still as excited after the viewing? And are you seriously interested in renting the property? We will collect your documents and make a file and contact the landlord to introduce you. The landlord decides, based on your file, whether he/she will enter into a rental agreement with you. Also when more people are interested in the same property the landlord will decide who can rent the property.

Sign up for a home viewing
You can sign up for a viewing by calling our office at 076-572 90 74,

Viewing rental property

  • Unlimited viewings for € 38,- per quarter
  • Daily viewing of your favorite homes
  • Directly register (online) One or more viewings
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