Our strength is that we take pleasure in our work. Every day we actively and enthusiastically search for that one property that you have a connection with. Where you feel at home. We are young and ambitious, with a fast and accurate approach, all the while understanding your needs and your personal situation

Do you want to rent a property? Then you will need to meet three conditions. You give us insight into your personal background, provide us with some official, recent documents, and prove that you are financially able to pay the monthly rent. If you do not have a fixed income, we are happy to discuss your options with you.

Handing in official documents
Before renting a property we will need the following documents:

Passport or valid ID
Employment contract or employer’s statement
Three recent pay slips
Housing permit (if applicable)
Extract from the Chamber of Commerce (if applicable)
Declaration of assets (if applicable)

Renting without a fixed income
To rent a property, you will need to earn 3x the monthly net rental price on a contract basis. Is the rent € 500,-? This means you will have to earn at least € 1,500, – net. But what if you do not have a fixed income? Then there are several possibilities. When you rent with guarantee, your parents will be responsible for the financial obligations. Paying an additional deposit is also possible sometimes. We will search for a solution together.

More information
Do you want to know more about our terms and conditions or rent guarantee? Please call 076-572 90 74, send an email to or visit us at our office.

Viewing rental property

  • Unlimited viewings for € 38,- per quarter
  • Daily viewing of your favorite homes
  • Directly register (online) One or more viewings
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